Our learning spaces have changed drastically over last decade with the advent of the Internet and mobile devices. The educational institutions need to embrace the new methods of learning to keep their students abreast of changes in technology and science. They need to upgrade their existing network infrastructure to make digital knowledge easily accessible to everyone. WiFi enabled campuses are becoming common place which allows students and teachers to access a wealth of information over the Internet. It also allows them easily collaborate with each other and automate the traditional learning methods. Wifi-soft provides an end-to-end solution for enabling WiFi in schools and colleges. We provide all the necessary hardware and software required for setting up a reliable and scalable wireless infrastructure within the campus. Additionally, Wifisoft provides integration with other systems like LDAP/AD directories, content servers and collaboration tools to provide an integrated and holistic wireless infrastructure solution. Our 4G/ LTE series access points can be deployed in School/ college vehicles to provide students with WiFi on the go. Wifi in these buses can be used to enable students to study while they travel or just for their entertainment.