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Central Library

M.LIS,MA In Poltical Science,MA in Hindi,P.H.D(Cont.)
M.LIB, Oriya
Assistant Librarian

Facilities Provided:

  • The Digital Central Library of GATE is located in the Administrative Block of the institution. It comprises of a Stack Area, Reading Room, Periodical Section and Book Bank (Lending Library). The library has a collection of around 30,000 books including the text books and reference books for B.Tech, M.Tech and Diploma. Moreover the Library has National and International Journals.
  • The Library has also been procuring Magazines, Local & National Newspapers to keep the students and staff abreast of the information in and around the world. These magazines are basically meant for various competitive examinations conducted by various Govt. and Public sector organizations. To keep the job seekers at ease, the library procures 'Employment News' too. It also provides Xerox facility for the students.
  • Besides our library is a member of DELNET which provides another alternative to the staff and the students regarding the access to the books and articles they may need that are not available here.
    The library issues at least 05 books to each and every student of BTech and in special circumstances it may issue up to 10 books. The students are allowed to keep these books for one semester fully. The library issues at least 06 books to each and every student of M.Tech and a maximum of 10 books. Moreover the students and staff may issue unlimited number of books and magazines to read in the Reading room of the library for which the students are required to produce their Library Card
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