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College Rules And Regulations

  1. The students should reach the college in time.
  2. The students should come to college in uniform/dress codified /provided by the college authority.
  3. The students should attend all classes. If the attendance of any student falls below 75% (65% on medical/College representation ground) he/she will not be allowed to sit for the University Examination.
  4. The students should maintain absolute discipline inside the class room as well as the college premises.
  5. The students are neither allowed to meet any authority concerning college affairs except the college authority nor to form any type of unauthorized union/meeting.
  6. No student is allowed to entertain outsiders inside the premises of the college without prior permission from the college authorities.
  7. Carrying weapons of any form inside the college premises is prohibited. It is a punishable offence.
  8. Smoking, Drinking Alcohol, Taking Drugs or any other intoxicants are strictly prohibited.
  9. No student is allowed to come to the college premises after taking intoxicants or alcohols.
  10. Damaging/Destroying college properties is an offence and is punishable.
  11. Use of mobile phones in the academic block is prohibited.
  12. No student is allowed to create disturbance in any manner inside the examination hall during the examination sessions. If any such report is received from the invigilator/superintendent/supervisor, the student will be punished as deemed fit, including expulsion from the college without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  13. No student is allowed to pass any derogative remarks or abuse/use filthy language or un-parliamentary words to any Teaching and non-teaching staff and junior/ senior, or to any other colleague, or to any girl students of the college.
  14. Ragging or harassment of fresher or juniors by seniors of the college anywhere, in any form is strictly prohibited. In any case of ragging, the college will lodge police complaint against the miscreant which will be dealt with as per law. College may also impose penalty as deemed fit, including expulsion from the college. College authorities can award any punishment to the student without assigning any reason or even without giving any opportunity for defense. All such cases will be intimated to the university, which may lead to cancellation of Regd. No. of the concerned student.
  15. Playing music in high volume, shouting/talking in loud voice, observing party etc. within the College premises which disturbs other students, is strictly prohibited.
  16. In the event of violation of any College Rule a student shall be penalized as deemed fit.

Working Hours

  • The working hour of the Institute is generally from 9.30 A.M. to 4.30 P.M. (Monday to Saturday). All Sundays are holidays, and other Vacations and holidays are as per guidelines of BPUT, However, some Laboratories such as Computer, Electronics, Internet, Reading Room and library are open for extra hours and also during holidays. Besides, some training programmes are conducted during Vacations and holidays or beyond working hours, under continuing Education Programme.

Attendance Requirements

  • In order to be eligible to appear in the Semester Examinations, conducted by the University, a student shall have to possess a minimum of 75% attendance in every subject. However only on special cases including medical grounds, attendance can be relaxed to 65%, as per University norm. The produced medical certificate must be issued by medical authority not lower than CDMO.

Dress Code

  • The College has different dress codes for students of different years. Adherence to dress code by the students is mandatory.
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