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Institutional Hostel

The College provides separate accommodation for girl and boy Students. These are located within the College Campus in calm and quiet surroundings favorable for studies. Hostels provide Healthy study atmosphere, Common Rooms provided with Newspaper, TV, Magazines & Indoor games, Spacious and Hygienic Dining Hall, and Regular medical facility. All the Hostels are controlled by Superintendents and Asst. Superintendents, who are members of teaching faculty, to ensure discipline and provide motivation for studies.

The Hostle Rules For Girls:

  1. Visiting hours for the outsiders to the girls' hostel is from 4.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m.
  2. All residents of the girls' Hostel must be back to the Hostel by 6.00 p.m
  3. The study hours and dining hours as prescribed by the Superintendent should strictly be maintained.
  4. Parents must provide a list of persons to the Hostel Superintendents who can meet his/her ward in the visitor 's room.
  5. Only lady family visitors are allowed inside the rooms of the Hostel but they are not allowed to stay after 6 p.m.
  6. Smoking, drinking Alcohol, Taking Drugs or any other intoxicants is strictly prohibited.
  7. Keeping weapons in possession inside hostel is prohibited and it is a punishable offence.
  8. Ragging in any form and harassment of any nature to fellow boarders are strictly prohibited. Any complain or even simple information given by the victim, any boarder, hostel staff or official will liable the culprit(s) stringent punishment
  9. The boarder should not damage any hostel properties.
  10. Misbehavior to any hostel staff is punishable; negligence in duty by any hostel staff may be reported to the Superintendents.
  11. During college hours a boarder must not remain in the hostel without prior permission.
  12. Playing music in high volume, shouting/talking in loud voice, observing party etc. within the hostel premises which disturbs other inmates, is strictly prohibited.
  13. Prior written permission from Superintendent/ Asst.Superintendent is mandatory to remain absent from the Hostel
  14. In the event of receipt of any allegations regarding the violation of any of the conditions of the Hostel Rules by any boarders the Hostel Superintendents have the authority to remove the boarders from the hostel without assigning any reason or even without giving any opportunity of defense to the boarder.

Mess Rule:

  1. The boarders of the Hostels for both boys and girls should dine in the mess. They are not allowed to take food outside.
  2. Any complaint about food/Mess-timing etc. must be given in writing to the Hostel Superintendent for necessary action
  3. The mess workers should not be subjected to verbal or physical abuse of any kind. Any student involved in such activities will be punished
  4. Mess dues should be paid in time
  5. Mess is managed by the students and guided by the Hostel Superintendent
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