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Department Of Electrical Enginerring

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Electrical engineering is one of the core fields of engineering, so it is always evergreen in terms of Scope and Job Prospects. Electrical Engineering is the heart of whole engineering discipline and therefore its scope will never fade even many years from now. Now-a-days, we see Electronics playing an important role in the implementation and control of Electrical Machines. Keeping this fact file in mind the course have transformed from core electrical Engineering into a Fusion of Electronics and Electrical and has been renamed as Electrical and Electronics Engineering or simply EEE.Society has been transformed dramatically by the widespread use of electrical and electronic devices and systems and it is certain that even more dramatic changes are in store. These changes are fast paced and are driven by electrical and computer engineers working in many different areas including bioengineering, communications, computers, controls, electronics, energy, microprocessors, integrated circuits, robotics, signal and information processing, wireless components and systems, and software development. The engineering process is complex and practitioners perform many roles such as research, design, development, product application, manufacturing, and system integration as well as marketing, sales and management.

The departments have various labs
  1. Power system lab with models of H.V. transmission lines, protective relay.
  2. Digital computers with MATLAB13.
  3. PSCAD, ETAP for research and modeling.
  4. Electrical machines lab with synchronous, induction, special, D.C, machines.
  5. Control instrumentation lab.
  6. ND-lab and measuring instrument labs.
  7. The project lab is equipped with all latest software package for optimization and control systems.
  8. The Power electronic lab with applications of various power semi conduct devices.
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